Merdeka Celebration Marching Competition

On the 31st of August, the police cadets took part in the Merdeka Celebration Marching Competition. We were all in our full-uniform. All of us were tired but it was a meaningful day for us.



Police Cadets of Penang Chinese Girls' High School.

Police Cadets of Penang Chinese Girls’ High School.

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Anniversary & Farewell 2016

On the 20th of August, we held our anniversary and farewell at Georgetown City Hotel. This anniversary and farewell was held for the form 5 and form 6 police cadets. We also celebrated our 11th year anniversary. It was a very meaningful and memorable night!

souvenirs for form 5 and form 6 police cadets.

souvenirs for form 5 and form 6 police cadets.

cutting cake ceremony!

cutting cake ceremony!

form 3's police cadets performance.

form 3’s police cadets performance.

form 4's police cadets performance.

form 4’s police cadets performance.

best dress!

best dress!

best cadet!

best cadet!

best cadet!

best cadet!

best cadet!

best cadet!

And lastly, our big family picture!

And lastly, our big family picture!

form 4 police cadets and form 5 police cadets!

form 4 police cadets and form 5 police cadets!

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Annual General Meeting 2016

On the 31st of July, the Cadets gathered to carry out our Annual General  Meeting (AGM). We have elected the committee for 2017.


new committee list 2017.

new committee list 2017.

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21/6/2016 Sports Day

On the 21st of June 2016, we gathered at the basketball court at 7.00a.m. We were all in full uniform to prepare for the marching competition for sports day.


Waiting for the opening ceremony to start in the basketball court.


We won the 3rd prize in the marching competition. We were happy that all our effort did not go to waste!


Prize giving ceremony!


Prize giving ceremony!

Police Cadets!

Police Cadets!

We were very happy that our effort did not go to wash!

We were very happy that our effort did not go to wash!


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10/6/2016 Annual Training Camp

On the 10th of June, all form 1 to form 4 Police Cadets attended our school’s Annual Training Camp. This training camp was held to foster a greater relationship between members. On the first day, we had a marching and command test. After that, we had a test on the ability of our Police Cadets on the second day. We interviewed every Police Cadet. They were required to wear the police uniform during the interview.


Marching test.


Marching test.


Having a test.





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Mid Year Camp

On the 30th of May 2016, we participated in a camp organised by Chung Ling High School.          The organising committee were present at the court at 7.00 a.m.. We contributed to the camp by arranging and distributing the T-shirts, breads and batch. The camp was officiated at 8.00 a.m..

Taking attendance.


Distributing T-shirts, breads and batches.

Introducing ourselves.

Participant are divided into groups and are playing ‘Breaking the Ice’.

Playing ‘Treasure Hunt’

Counting the cards after turning 15 rounds

Checking the quiz answers

Three people are walking with four legs.

Playing tic-tac-toe by putting the cones.


Preventing the other group member to sit the empty chair

Playing ‘ Galah panjang’.

Playing ‘Running Man’

PCGHS students

All of us.

The camp ended at 5.45 p.m..  We were happy to have gained a lot of experiences and knowledge by participating in this camp.




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12/4/2016 Shooting Briefing

On the 12th of April, all the form 3, form 4 and form 5 police cadets attended the shooting briefing. This shooting briefing was to teach us how to use revolver. The policeman taught us the steps of using the revolver. We were given a chance to use the revolver without bullets and the policeman corrected our mistake.


The policeman is briefing us.


The policeman is demonstrating the position of shooting.12991025_549101955250619_7490893210388398080_n                                                                   Listening carefully to the policeman advise.


Trying to use the revolver.


Aim before shooting.


The policeman is correcting our mistake.



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3/4/2016 Meeting

This is the third meeting for every police cadet. We played a game. This game can help members to close relationship among each other. this game is called ‘movement thinking’.The members had to use their body movement to form an equation that have been given. One of the member will come out and guess what’s the equation and answer it.


Using body movement to form an equation.


Members are guessing the equation.

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Shooting Competition 2016

   Shooting Competition 2016 (7/3/16)

Before we attended the shooting competition, we had a briefing in IPD in ways to use M-16 machine gun. Precautionary steps were also brief by the policeman. We were very keen t attend this activity. The pictures below were taken during the competition.


Waiting for the competition to start under the hot sun.



Chatting with other students from different schools in front of  the bullets.


The police is giving instruction to us.



Aiming the targets.





Shooting the targets.


Shooting in progress.


Policemen are standing beside to guide us.



Kneeling down while shooting.



Our teacher is shooting.


M-16 bullets.



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The first gotong-royong activity in 2016.

   The first gotong-royong activity in 2016 (5/3/16)

The cadets were divided to few group and given different tasks. We started our work at 8.00a.m. 

Cleaning the windows.


Picking up the rubbish.


Listening to the instruction given by teacher.


Cleaning the wall.



        Sweeping the floor.



Finally, the places was clean and we were sastified with our work although we were quite tired.


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